Naturalezas muertas // Still Lifes – 2020

Naturalezas muertas (en seis movimientos) / Still Lifes (in six movements)

> 2019-20, (versão 2), vídeo sem som, 8 min 39 s.



Programa “Retracted Cinema”, organizado por Peter Freund. 29 de Setembro 2020, Xcentric Barcelona, CCCB.

Vitor Magalhães’ Naturalezas muertas (en seis movimientos) (2019-20) utilizes a programmatic approach based on the selection and juxtaposition of particular moments, taken from roughly seventy films, in which the actors are hidden from the camera. The film embodies a kind of photo-roman or photo-essay organized into a set of six distinct “rooms of thought” populated by the mood of objects and décors, interspersed with written formulations.                                                        Peter Freund:


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